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How To Learn Spanish: The Greetings

In your first attempt to learn Spanish, the first thing you will be taught about is greetings. What do you know if you don’t know how to say “hello?” Learning the greetings will help you to learn Spanish in its simplest form because you don’t have to worry about too many verb agreements or word orders. The greetings are taught in simple phrases. No extra words need to be looked up or added. As I said before, as you learn Spanish the first phrase you need to […]

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How to Learn Spanish by Getting the Most Out of Classes

After you enroll in a Spanish class, you expect to learn Spanish right away. You might leave it up to the teacher to drill the words and conjugations into your head. You will get more out of it, though, if you do your part to get more out of the class. As soon as you enter the room for the first time, begin to get to know the other people. You might not think this is necessary to learn Spanish. After all, you didn’t come to socialize, […]

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Spanish For Beginners

If you haven’t learnt a foreign language before, then Spanish can appear intimidating to start off with, with those funny squiggles over the Ns and its upside-down question marks and exclamation points. But don’t let those get to you, they’re really no more complicated than much of what you’ve learnt to use in English – in fact Spanish is structured in a far more learner-friendly way than English, so an adult learner can look to build oneself a framework over which to put the various words of […]

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Why Learn Spanish?

There is a sentiment among many English speakers – frustratingly prevalent for the multi-lingual – that there’s really no reason to learn a second language because everybody else on Earth understands English anyway. Not only is this phenomenally misguided – just you try navigating from rural Spain (or Mexico) back to a safely Anglophone location without having a grasp of the native language of the country you’re in – it’s also horribly narrow-minded. How offended would you be if a non-English speaker turned up and started rabbiting […]

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