Spanish For Beginners

If you haven’t learnt a foreign language before, then Spanish can appear intimidating to start off with, with those funny squiggles over the Ns and its upside-down question marks and exclamation points. But don’t let those get to you, they’re really no more complicated than much of what you’ve learnt to use in English – in fact Spanish is structured in a far more learner-friendly way than English, so an adult learner can look to build oneself a framework over which to put the various words of this beautiful language. If the technical stuff seems a bit steep to begin with, just remember that it will enable you to learn this language more completely than you ever imagined.

If you’re coming to Spanish as an adult learner, it’s the perfect time for you to learn. When kids at school learn something, they’re learning because they have to, and it’s impossible to overstate what a disadvantage duress is when learning anything, but most of all a whole other language. As an adult learner, you’re doing this because you want to, and this opens up your mind exponentially – you’re ready to learn so, as long as you’ve found a method you’re comfortable with, you’re good to go.

Early on, it’s important to learn the usual beginners’ stuff – introductions will make up much of this. ¡Hola! ¿Que tál? Or “Hi, how are you?” It’s quite short and sweet – and this is something that characterises the Spanish language. There aren’t too many tricky long words to get your head around, so early on you can just concentrate on familiarising yourself with the sounds of the language. Before long you’ll be dying to learn more!