Learn Spanish: Private Tuition

When it comes to learning a new language, you firstly need to be comfortable with the environment you’ll be learning it in. If a night school class sounds too much like a return to school itself but you want the benefits of having a teacher on hand, private tuition is your best option.

With private tuition, the great advantage is that you can set the syllabus. Tell the tutor exactly what you want to learn and they should then tailor a learning pattern to suit you. This isn’t available at night school, where you will be one of several students, all needing to stick to the same syllabus to prevent confusion. If there are some areas of Spanish you don’t feel you need to learn or you’re not interested in gaining a qualification in the language, private tuition can be extremely useful.

Most people offering their services as private tutors are already qualified teachers, while some are language graduates. Both are equally capable of teaching you everything you need to know about learning Spanish. Although learning the language with a native Spanish speaker might seem like a good idea, most people find that learning from someone with the same mother tongue are yourself is far more useful when it comes to fully explaining word meanings and sentence structure. This is a matter of taste, however, and you may prefer to work with a native speaker. If a tutor is claiming to have qualifications, ask to see their certificates and proof of this claim. They shouldn’t be offended and you’ll get value for money.

Private tuition can be expensive, particularly if you wish to learn for a long time. But unlike with night classes, private tuition doesn’t tie you in to any kind of commitment apart from for the next lesson. If you decide half way through that you’ve had enough, you can cancel.

Finding a private tutor takes literally a couple of minutes on the internet. You could also try your local newspaper to see if anyone is advertising their services. Private tuition can be the perfect way to learn the Spanish you feel you need, and for that reason is highly recommended.